Common Garage Door Repair Issues to Let Experts Handle

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Common Garage Door Repair Issues to Let Experts Handle

It is estimated that 63% percent of homeowners have a carport or garage in the US. So, with over half of Americans having a space for their cars, there are bound to be problems that arise with often motorized garage doors.

If you have started to notice strange noises when the garage door is operational, or if the door is stuck, it might be tempting to try and fix it. However, these and other issues are ones you should avoid attempting to fix.

Broken Torsion Springs

The breaking of a torsion spring(s) is pretty unmistakable; you will undoubtedly hear it. When it breaks, you might be tempted to try and fix it, but be warned that doing so could mean risking life and limb.

You can check the overhead assembly to verify if one or more of the springs are broken. Once you have verified that the spring(s) are broken, call a garage door company right away to replace the broken spring and others that might appear worn.

Garage Door Opener Issues

Most garage door issues aren’t something you should try and fix. Attempting to repair a garage door opener, which for instance, isn’t working, can lead to an electric shock or maybe make the problem worse.

If you notice a problem like a garage door opener opening midway or not closing entirely, then get in touch with a garage door repair company. The company should be able to find out what’s causing the problem and fix it for you. In many cases, the garage door may also need to be professionally recalibrated after its repaired.

Snapped or Popped Garage Door Cables

If the tension spring has snapped, that will often lead to a domino effect, which means that the next thing to go will be the tension cables. The cables will most probably just pop out of place, or they will snap due to the added load they need to bear. A broken or out of place cable can cause damage to the wall and even your car.

Snapped or popped cables is a problem you shouldn’t attempt to repair on your own. A garage door weighs several hundred pounds, and the slightest mistake could be your last. Instead, call a garage door company and wait for them to arrive to fix the problem. Please don’t attempt to close or open the door until it is completely repaired.

A Wall Switch that’s Not Working

Almost all motorized garage doors have a wall switch, which you can use to control the door and even turn the lights on and off. Various things, including the breaker, can cause problems with the wall switch.

You can check if everything is tightly connected. If it is and the switch still isn’t working, then call a garage door repair company. While the fix is simple for a company, it can be dangerous for a homeowner to attempt with several hundred watts running through the average switch.



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