How long to install garage door opener?

how long to install garage door opener

The exact period to install the garage door opener is something that is not promised or fixed. It depends on many factors that can limit the time or can consume your whole day. It is a task that can be done within few hours if an expert garage door repair company is hired. It can be tough if you are doing it yourself.

However, if you are new and planning to install the garage door opener by yourself, it can take some time. Today, we are going to discuss how long does it take to install the garage type door opener.

How much time is required for garage door opener installation?

To find out how much time it takes to install this door opener, you must be aware of the factors that it depends on. Usually, the installation takes 4-6 hours, but it can also take a whole day due to some factors or reasons.

Some of the factors that might consume a lot or less time are listed below.

Garage Door Opener Installation Process

There is a whole procedure that needs to be followed to install it better.  It is the essential part that might cost you a lot of your time.

The procedure for making the installation process is first to remove the existing door of your garage and all the old wirings, cables, etc.

The first thing is to disassemble the previous door and its parts simultaneously.

Then, the next step for the procedure includes installing springs, cables new garage door panels and install tracks, rollers and the new garage door opener.

This whole work itself can take up approximately 4-6 hours.

Also, suppose you have hired a professional expert for the installation of the garage door opener. In that case, it is highly expected that they are going first to check and then test whether the whole system is working properly or not. It can cost you even more time.

Get a professional garage door repair company

No matter how much you think an ordinary person can do the same job as the experts or professionals in the respective field, it is not true. The work that professionals do is more appealing and effective.

Similarly, the kind of person or worker you hire for garage door opener installation affects how long the whole installation process might take. If you have hired a professional worker to install a new garage door opener, it is most likely that it will take a lot of time as professionals take their job quite seriously.

While installing the door opener for your garage, a professional garage door repair company will completely make sure that everything is in place and nothing is loose or at the edge of breaking out. It might take up to 6-7 hours, but the work and the way your garage door opener will function will be worth it.

Sizes of the doors

The other factor that does affect the time consumed by installing is the size. Size is the main thing that matters when it comes to time consumed by the whole process.

It is crucial to check the size and shape to fit it in properly. The worker will first take the size and measurements for the garage opener door so that there are no mistakes.

However, if the door is smaller than the actual size, then again, a new door will be made. But if the garage door opener is bigger than the actual size, it will be cut down or will be made shorter to fit it in perfectly so that it can do its job efficiently. 

Hence, this whole size process can cost you about 3-4 hours alone if the measurements are not correct or accordingly.

Availability of the doors

What you want is not available for you all the time, and sometimes the thing you require is not available near you.

The same case is with the garage door openers. There is usually a shop or two in every neighborhood that provides good quality garage door openers. However, there are few parts like door panels, wires, springs that can be available at any general shop near you. The availability of the garage door opener depends upon the type and size you want.

If you want an expensive and high-quality door made out of sleek material, then the chances of getting it in a given time are quite less since such doors are not typically chosen by a lot of people and are made on special orders.

Weather conditions

The installation of the garage door opener also depends upon the weather in your area. It affects the whole installation process in many ways.

If the weather is windy, stormy, or if it is raining heavily, then the chances are that your worker will take a lot of time to install the garage door opener because of the harsh weather and poor concentration work environment.

  • However, if the weather is sunny or mild, the installation process of the garage door opener will take much less time.
  • The reason is that the working environment will be pleasant, and hence, workers will be able to focus more on their work.
  • When it comes to weather conditions, your luck plays quite a role.
  • Moreover, due to the weather been sometimes extremely harsh can cause the workers not to reach their destination on time. Hence, it can also cause a delay in the installation process.

Installing the garage door opener during harsh weather will usually take more than 10 hours or more. But, if the weather is suitable and other factors like door sizes, hiring of professional workers, and door availability are up to date, the process will take 7-8 hours.

Final Remarks:

The above-mentioned points are the ways by which you can estimate how long does it take to install the garage door opener. It’s good to hire professionals as they can help to speed up the process in a good way. If you need help with your garage door repairs, garage door installation, garage door off-track repair and more give our team of experts at Efficient Garage Door a call today!



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