How to Fix a Bent Garage Door Track

How to Fix a Bent Garage Door Track

If you have a garage door that is not closing all the way, it could be because the track is bent. The good news is this problem can be fixed easily. This blog post will provide how to fix and how to avoid a bent garage door track.

When it comes to garage door repair, you should make sure to contact a professional for more complex issues. The first step to how fixing a bent garage door track is to close the door and mark the two points on the side of the wall near where it attaches. You will want to use an object that doesn’t create any marks or scratches when you push against them, such as rubber from a wine cork. Then open your garage door again so you can measure how much space there is in between these two points and how far off they are from being parallel with one another.

If they’re not aligned correctly, then grab some placements (which may be included with your purchase) and attach them onto either end of your steel brackets using bolts that have been provided by whoever sold you this product. With these new pieces added, now try to open and shut your garage door again. If it’s easier than before, then congratulations! You’ve successfully repaired the bent track.

If you’re still having trouble opening or closing your garage door after this fix, make sure that the rubber of wine cork has been placed in a location where they are both parallel when being pushed against each other without creating any marks on them. This will ensure there is enough room for the brackets to be inserted into these locations with ease so that once you have bolts attached to either end of these steel brackets through holes found on top of placements, they will allow for an even surface which means an easy time opening and shutting your garage doors from now on.

Otherwise, if they’re still seems to be a problem, then it is possible that the bolts on either side were not tightened at an equal distance. This can happen if someone was using a power drill to tighten them or they have been loosened over time by your garage door opening and closing over time. If this is the case you will need to go back around each bolt with a wrench so that these two brackets are equally tight against one another without any room for swaying left or right as well as being able to be pulled apart from one another easily.

If you need further help with your garage door, contact our team of garage door repair experts today to receive a free estimate! We provide cable repairs, torsions spring repairs, maintenance, and much more.



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