3 Essential Garage Door Repair Services for Your San Antonio Home

3 Essential Garage Door Repair

Need to find a San Antonio Garage Door Repair Company? The garage door is a big investment in your home. For the most part, it operates unseen and unheard until something goes wrong with its mechanics or breaks down completely. When this happens, homeowners usually get frustrated because they don’t know who to call for reliable help that won’t break the bank either. This article will provide readers with three services an experienced San Antonio garage door repair company can offer them so they’ll never be left guessing again!

1) Fixing squeaks and rumbles in your garage door.

First off when you have a squeak or rumble coming from beneath your house’s windowsill, there may not necessarily be anything wrong with the overhead portion of your garage door but rather underneath where tracks are mounted on which the hinges pivot. You might need a new hinge pin, which can be easily replaced with just the tools in your garage.

Secondly, if you don’t hear anything but feel that something isn’t right when opening or closing your overhead door then what might need fixing is the spring tensioner (or torsion bar) located at each end of these heavy-duty metal springs on either side of the tracks from where they were fitted onto pulleys and rehung. The adjustment screws may have come loose so it’s easy for an experienced Garage Door Repair company to tighten them up again instead of replacing all the parts!

2) Replacing broken springs or cables for your garage door opener.

A broken garage door spring or cable can be a headache for homeowners. It stops the door from opening and closing properly which can cause confusion with visitors as they try to find your house. In addition, it could even stop working completely if not repaired soon enough! With our garage door repair services in San Antonio, you won’t have to worry about that happening at all because we offer quick & affordable repairs on springs and cables. All of our technicians are trained professionals who will come out promptly when you call us for help so don’t hesitate!

3) Installing new safety sensors and other safety devices on your garage door opener.

The last thing you want is to find yourself trapped inside your garage because of a malfunctioning safety sensor. Your first line of defense, in this case, is an emergency release cord that will detach the door from the opener, allowing it to open enough for you (or help) to get out. But what if there’s no power? You can’t rely on backup battery power alone because they might run down after hours or days and leave you with few options: breaking through the glass window at the top of your door, calling a friend over for assistance as soon as possible so he/she can use his car jack to raise the jammed door manually – risking damage to your vehicle while doing so, or waiting for a professional garage door repair company to come and rescue you.

In the event that your overhead backup battery needs replacement, we’ll be there as soon as possible with our San Antonio Garage Door Repair Company’s truck-mounted electric opener so you can stay calm. Whether it’s from misuse or age, these batteries occasionally need an emergency jumpstart just like any other car battery might need on occasion during long journeys without access to fuel stations – they’re more common among older models but all of them will eventually wear out over time if used often enough. And don’t forget about regular garage door maintenance! We recommend having your spring hinges checked every six months in order to make sure no part has been stiffened by extreme heat (which is what could cause them to break or snap) and to ensure that they are still capable of opening the door.

Contact our team of experienced garage door repair technicians today!

San Antonio Garage Door Repair Company will be happy to provide you with a quote for any work we do – just ask! Our overhead backup battery replacement service starts at $149 while our spring hinge inspection is only $65. We also offer free estimates on all other services, so there’s no risk in asking us about what might need fixing before it breaks down completely. And because your safety matters most, if you’re worried about leaving home when your garage door isn’t working properly don’t hesitate to contact our team anytime day or night – whether it an emergency call-out repair requests like electrical wiring issues during storms causing power interruption or malfunctions due to extreme heat, we’re always here to provide you with the peace of mind that your home and family are safe.



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