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We have been providing garage door repair in Alamo Heights, TX, for over a decade. During this time, we’ve repaired garage doors of all sizes and types. We’ve also repaired and installed commercial garage doors for numerous businesses in Texas. That said, all of this is made possible thanks to our team of highly experienced and certified garage door technicians.

At Efficient Garage Door, we are one of the leading garage door technicians in Alamo Heights. Regardless of if you have a conventional overhead garage door or one that slides open, our team of experts can troubleshoot and fix any issue for you. Furthermore, we solidify our work’s quality with a workmanship guarantee; that way, you can be assured of excellent quality work.

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We Offer Residential Garage Door Repair and Spring Repair Services in Alamo Heights

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Garage door springs on residential garage doors happen to be a common failure point. One of the reasons is that the garage door’s spring(s) is responsible for bearing the door’s load or weight. That’s why many of the higher-end, latest garage doors have multiple springs so that the load is distributed evenly amongst which reduces wear over time. However, even then, the springs can get worn out, and if not repaired in time, they will eventually break, becoming a safety hazard.

At Efficient Garage Door, we repair a myriad of garage door issues. Whether you have a broken spring, one that’s worn out, or perhaps bent tracks or some other kind of damage, we can fix it all. We provide garage door repair, garage door installation, garage door opener, and garage door rollers repair.



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"Great, professional service. Very timely and efficient. Very impressed with how fast they were able to set up my new garage and the price is just right, not overpriced great service! Thank you so much, I highly recommend!!"

Dec 15, 2020
Professional & Very Helpful

"Professional and very helpful! The services was quick and efficient. Great service overall! Would recommend."

Justin Hernandez
Dec 22, 2020
Thank you again!

"Thank You Efficient Garage for everything 😇 Great service and showed up super fast in such short notice. Thank you Again"

Angel Mejia
Sept 18, 2020
Highly recommend!

"My garage door stop working this morning, I called this company and they were great with the respond, service and price. Highly recommend"

Sam Houston
June 23, 2020

Leading Garage Door Installation Experts

One way to ensure that your garage door lasts a long time is to initially get it professionally installed. Many people make the mistake of leaving the installation to a service they don’t know will do a good job. That’s why most new garage doors don’t last as long, and that leads people to say “they don’t make them like they used to,” when in fact, the latest garaged doors are better built.

The City's Best Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement Technicians

Garage door openers tend to fail more often than most other parts. One reason for it being a point of failure is because they need to maneuver a garage door that weighs several hundred pounds. That’s why we always ask that homeowners invest in the most powerful garage door opener they can afford.

However, if you’ve run into issues with your garage door opener, do not hesitate to call us right away. Our team will professionally inspect, troubleshoot, and fix the issue before it gets any worse. In instances where the garage door opener can’t be repaired, we will recommend that it be replaced. If needed, we’ll also recommend an opener based on your budget and the garage door’s weight.

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