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A garage door is the biggest moving machine in most homes across Boerne, TX. In fact, it is so big and built so durably that many homeowners take it for granted until it breaks down. A garage door, like any other machine, requires regular inspections and maintenance. If needed, repairs need to be carried out in time before the issue becomes worse and often more expensive to fix.

Fortunately, we have you covered! Efficient Garage Door is one of the leading garage door repair companies in Boerne, TX. We have a team of certified, bonded, and experienced technicians capable of repairing any issue with your garage door. All you need is to call us!

Garage door spring installation
Garage Door installation

Get Expert Garage Door Repair Help

Many homeowners may attempt to fix a problem with their garage door themselves. The DIY approach is often taken to save time and money. However, it can work out to be more expensive and often dangerous for many people.  

Whether you are attempting to replace the rollers, springs, opener, or any fix any other issue, unless you are a seasoned technician, it can be hazardous. You could cause the garage door opener to short, the garage door to get stuck, or even damage one of the tracks. Most of all, a mistake could end up causing you severe physical injury. That’s why you shouldn’t attempt any garage door repair on your own.

Professional Yet Affordable Garage Door Repair in Boerne, TX

Professional and high-quality garage door repairs do not have to be expensive. In fact, our service is proof that a garage door repair can be professional, offer excellent quality, and be affordable at the same time.

We also assure our clients of transparent pricing and billing. In other words, there are no hidden charges or costs associated with our service. We inform our clients of all our service charges ahead of time so that you can budget for it accordingly. What’s more, is that you can call us to get a no-obligation quote for all types of garage door repairs. It only takes a few minutes to connect with our technicians, who will give you a quote in no time.

We Use the Best Aftermarket Parts

Most garage door repair scenarios often require replacing a faulty part. Whether it is a spring, roller, or even a panel, it has to be replaced with an aftermarket part in most cases. Fortunately, here too, we use the best aftermarket parts that money can buy. That’s why the garage doors we repair last for years, if not decades. Furthermore, using the best parts ensures that you save a great deal of time and money in the long-term.

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Whether your garage door is making strange noises, appears to be stuck or if you need the existing garage door replaced, look no further than us. Call our garage door repair team in Boerne, TX, for a quote or to book an appointment.

Some Of The Garage Door Repair Services We Offer:

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Our Garage Repair Services

  • Broken spring replacement
  • Bent tracks
  • Door off-track
  • Bent section repairs
  • Opener repair
  • Noisy garage door repair
  • Garage door cable repair
  • Broken roller replacement
  • Remote keypad and vehicle programming
  • Sensor repair
  • Loose chain belt repair
  • Gear sprocket repair
  • Capacitator repair
  • Broken hinge replacement

Area We Service

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Cibolo Nature Center & Farm
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Cascade Caverns
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Boerne City Lake Park
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Boerne City Park
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River Road Park
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Texas Treasures Fine Art Gallery
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Agricultural Heritage Center and Museum
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Northrup Park

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Veterans Plaza
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Farmer’s Market at the Cibolo
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Joshua Springs Nature Preserve
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Norman F Vestal Park
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