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Many homeowners invest in the latest garage doors that boast the best security features. That said, what many homeowners may not be aware of is that this security features only work when the garage door is performing optimally, which often requires nothing short of professional installation.

At Efficient Garage Door, we continue to install, repair, and maintain the latest garage doors for our clients across Kirby. However, what makes our service stand out from all the rest is that we use the latest tools, which help us find and fix issues that may otherwise go unnoticed but can become a major source of frustration.

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Over the years, we’ve repaired dozens of garage door types in Kirby, from manually operated traditional garage doors to the latest sensor-driven security garage doors. Our team is certified, experienced, and uses the latest tools to address just about any garage door issue in the shortest time.

Our approach to repairing residential garage doors is to start by identifying what caused the problem in the first place. For instance, if it’s a broken torsion spring, we try to determine what caused the spring to break, was it age, or was it undue stress? Taking this approach allows us not just to address the problem but what was causing it.



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Why Choose Efficient Garage Door?

Garage Door Spring Repair

Speaking of spring repair, we provide both torsion and extension spring repair services. Whether it is a broken spring or one that is worn out, our team will replace it with the best quality spring that money can buy. So, you can be assured of a long service life after it (the spring) is replaced. We also back our spring repair service with a warranty, so if something does go wrong, you can always call us back to fix it.

We Provide Top-shelf Garage Door Installation Services

Installing a modern garage door can get a lot more complicated than most people are led to believe. In fact, multiple safety steps need to be followed to ensure that the garage door is installed safely. We need to bear in mind that the garage door is installed the way the manufacturer intended it because doing that will not void its warranty. We have seen countless garage door issues mainly stem from incorrect installation. That’s why our certified garage door technicians take their time to install each type of garage door precisely as it was intended by the manufacturer, ensuring a long and trouble-free service life.

Leading Garage Door Opener Repair Technicians

Garage door openers are responsible for lifting and lowering an extremely heavy garage door. That’s why the opener is under a tremendous amount of load whenever the garage door is operational. It is also why the opener is a common point of failure. Fortunately, we can help you. Whether you have a garage door opener that isn’t opening entirely or a noisy opener, our team can help you. Call Efficient Garage Door in Kirby, Tx today to get a free quote.

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Kirby Texas is located just outside of San Antonio and offers a wide variety of single-family homes, townhomes, villas, and cottages. Kirby Texas has many amenities for residents to enjoy including walking trails with beautiful landscaping and green space as well as a baseball diamond. The master-planned community also features a pool with cabanas that overlooks the scenic Hill Country views.

Kirby Texas was founded by William Wesley Kirby, who bought and sold cattle before retiring in 1868

Located on the western side of Bexar County, Kirby is a rural community with an elevation at or near 500 feet above sea level. In 2005 it had an estimated population of just under 800 residents. The 2010 census showed that number to be around 750 people. The post office closed its doors in 1930 due to lack of business and mail carriers not wanting to travel down into Brownstown Valley for their deliveries but reopened in 1933 when postal service personnel was assigned there from San Antonio’s main distribution center. Kirby is a primarily agricultural community within and around the town of Kirby. The most prevalent crops grown there are wheat, corn, cotton, oats, barley, and hay

The only public building left standing in this small town today is the church which was built before 1900 by settlers from Germany who came to live on land that had been granted to them as part of their settlement for service during the Civil War

It has also served as homeland for Czechs fleeing Nazi persecution in 1938-1939. This area continues to be an attractive place for people seeking rural life close enough to San Antonio where they can commute or have employment opportunities

If you’re looking for a home near Bexar County’s beautiful countryside but not too far away from San Antonio, Kirby may be the place for you. Kirby is located in Bexar County and has a population of around 800 people. The town was named after Charles H. Kirby who donated land to build a schoolhouse. It sits on Highway 87 about 25 miles southwest of San Antonio and neighbors three other small towns: Helotes, China Grove, and Cibolo. Its residents are friendly folks that enjoy chatting with fellow drivers or passers-by as they go out their daily business

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