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We provide premium garage door spring repair in San Antonio. Torsion springs, or garage door springs as they are commonly referred to as tend to bear the weight of your garage door each time it opens and closes. Some garage doors may have a single spring; others might have multiple. The more springs your garage door has, the longer they generally tend to last because the load is distributed amongst them equally. However, when it comes time to replace a spring, they often all need to be replaced.

We provide professional garage door spring replacement in San Antonio that comes backed by a warranty. Our team of technicians can replace all types of garage door springs using the latest tools and safest methods, assuring you of a trouble-free garage door for the next few years. Think that your garage door springs may need to be replaced? Then call our team in San Antonio, Texas today.

Garage door spring installation
Garage Door installation

Don’t Attempt to Replace the Garage Door Springs on Your Own

As mentioned earlier, your garage door’s springs are under a tremendous amount of load. Also, bear in mind that even the smallest and lightest garage door weighs upwards of a hundred pounds at least. Attempting to remove the springs or replace them puts you at serious risk of personal injury, which is why a spring replacement isn’t a DIY job by any measure.

Instead of attempting to fix a broken spring or diagnose the issue with your torsion springs, it is best to call experts like us. We provide an affordable garage door spring replacement service that’s a call away.

We Use High-Quality Replacement Springs

Garage door springs tend to last long, so as long as they are multiple springs holding their share of the load. However, once one of them breaks, often all the springs need to be replaced. If not, you could be dealing with an uneven load distribution, which could cause another one to break soon.

When replacing garage door springs, we always make sure to use the best quality ones. We ensure that the springs are rated for several thousand cycles, ensuring that you get the best value for money from the parts.

We Provide a Free Safety Inspection

Replacing a garage door spring(s) is an often difficult task. That’s why only the best, most experienced technicians are assigned spring replacement tasks. Plus, we use the latest tools and methods that minimize the risk involved with replacing garage door springs.

Once the springs are replaced, we ensure that the garage door is safe to use. Our team will perform a free safety inspection of the hardware and all other moving parts to ensure that it meets the required safety standards. If there are worn mechanical parts that pose a safety issue, we will advise that they be replaced too. Usually worn out parts associated with the spring’s mechanism may cause the springs to wear out sooner than they should.

Need an immediate garage door spring replacement? Call our team today to book an appointment.

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Garage Door Opener Repair installation
Garage Door Installation Service

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