How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost?

Garage Door Repair Cost

Garage door repair is a common issue for homeowners. Whether you have an old garage door that needs to be replaced or your current door has been damaged, the costs can vary greatly depending on how much work is needed. In this blog post, we will discuss what factors might affect the cost of repairing your garage door and ways to save money!

The average cost to repair a garage door ranges from $200-$500. This price will depend on the type of door you have, whether or not it needs parts replaced and how much structural work is needed. You might be able to save money by replacing your old door with an insulated steel one that has two panels instead of three.

If your current garage door was damaged due to weather events like hail storms, hurricane winds, or high wind speeds, expect the costs for repairs to range between $250-$600 depending on what damage occurred and how many panels were affected. Replacing storm doors is also recommended when these types of incidences occur in order to offer additional protection against future issues!

There are other minor expenses associated with garage door repair that you should know about. These include spring and cable replacement, which costs $60-$120 for one side of the door; new rollers ($15) or a new keypad lock set (about $150).

A qualified garage door repair technician will be able to give you an estimate based on your individual needs – just try to provide as much information as possible when scheduling!

Here are some popular costs and how they might affect the value. Below is what you can expect to pay for garage door repairs, as well as some factors that may impact your cost:

  • Less than three panels | $400-$800|
  • More than five panels |$700-$1200|
  • New springs or cables needed |$350 – 650|
  • Wall or door damage |$400 – 1000|
  • New garage door |$2500-$5000+|
  • New rollers needed |$25-$35| One side of the door
  • Partially broken lock set | $150-$200|
  • Broken springs or cables |$80 – 150|

*Above costs are estimates only, they may be lower for older doors that can’t be fixed because of lack of parts or higher for newer model installation.

How much does the average new garage door cost?

The price of installing an average-sized residential steel overhead garage is around $2500 to 5000+, depending on what type you buy and whether it’s installed by professionals. The most expensive installations offer features such as insulation, fire protection, noise reduction, security sensors, and decorative glass panels (atop solid wood framing).

Be sure that you specify what your garage needs before scheduling an estimate! Call now at (210) 955-9505 to schedule a visit from our qualified technicians today! For more information about how much does garage door repair services cost, contact our team of professional San Antonio Garage Door Repair Company today!



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