How to Fix Garage Door Off Track Easily

How to Fix Garage Door Off Track Easily

Are you needing to learn how to fix a garage door off track? Today, you can open and close the door remotely without leaving your car. These advanced garage doors contain a complete system of rollers, tracks, and switches. This system allows you to open or shut the door without any key or even remote.

Garage doors need a good amount of force for opening. Everything works perfectly until the door itself comes off the tracks. An off-track door is not only annoying for you but also it can damage valuable property and serious injuries.

You shouldn’t pull a jammed door down forcefully. Because this can bend the vertical track and pop out of the rollers from the track. As a result, it can lead to serious damage. Therefore, you should be very careful when dealing with the off-track garage door. In this article, we will guide you on how to fix a garage door off track. After reading this article, you will be able to fix any garage door that comes off the tracks. Let’s come straightly to the point…

How to Fix Garage Door Off Track?

Fixing off-track rollers is most often a very simple i.e. DIY project. But, if things are unmanageable, you should consult a garage door professional for assistance. They will give you useful suggestions or resolve problems for you.

Steps to Fix Garage Door Off-Track

It is not a big deal to fix the garage door coming off the tracks yourself by following a bit of instruction. If you are currently not facing this problem, you should still know how to resolve the issue. Follow the steps below to get rid of this dilemma:

Step 1: Take Required Tools

Before fixing the garage door off track, you need to take some necessary tools to fix this issue. Some important tools include pliers, locking pliers, and a rubber mallet.

 Step 2: Disconnect the Opener

The first step is to check the rope hanging from the console that controls the door opener. Pull-on this string gently to disengage the door from the opener. After disconnecting the door from the opener, you will need to open and close the garage door manually.

Step 3: Open and Secure the Garage Door

Make sure that the door is completely disintegrated from the opener. You can check this by opening the door manually. Lift the door until the track is lined up with at least one of the rollers. This step is very risky so try to keep yourself secure first. You should use a pair of locking pliers or vice grips to hold the door in place. It’s better to ask someone for help.

Step 4: Find Out the Jamming Wheels

Now, it’s time to locate the off-track wheels. You can simply locate them by opening and closing the door a few times if you can’t immediately spot them. If you can’t locate them precisely, take help from a technician.

Step 5: Put a Stop on the Tracks

After spotting the faulty wheels, try to put a stop on the tracks. You can do so by snapping the locking pliers beneath the garage door. And, your main target should be one of the tracks.

Step 6: Bring Wheels Back to Track

Open the track precisely using a pair of pliers at the spot where the garage door is off-track. Pull the rollers back into their place and close the opening in the track. At last, bring the track back into the correct shape using a wooden or rubber mallet.

Step 7: Manually Check The Door For Proper Alignment

After fixing all the rollers, it’s time to manually check the rollers. So remove all lock pliers from the track. Check whether rollers are operating smoothly or not when opening or shutting the door. You should also check the balance of the door as well.

If the door is smoothly opening and closing, move to the next steps. Otherwise, repeat the steps above and try to make the tracks correctly aligned.

Step 8: Check the Automatic Operation

So far, you have made sure that the automatic door is properly back on track. It is hanging at the right position and operating well manually. Now try to automate the operation. For this purpose, take the remote and activate the opener by pressing the buttons.

Try to open and close the garage door automatically a few times with the remote. If the door opens and closes automatically, it means you have successfully done your job.

Step 9: Contact A Professional Garage Door Repair Company

If you are still facing troubles, there might be any different issue than you originally anticipated. In case of any issue like jerking, hanging crookedly, or making some grinding noise when moving, contact a professional garage door repair company.

Different Reasons Rollers Derail

You can prevent your garage door from derailing if you know the reasons behind rollers derail. Try to prevent these from happening because it can keep your garage door running safely and smoothly. Here are a few common reasons:

Not Enough Lubrication

The rollers derail when you don’t lubricate the rollers and tracks frequently. Both rollers and tracks need lubrication for smooth movement. Different sprays like silicon oil or even cooking oil will suffice to create enough lubrication to keep the rollers moving smoothly.

Insecure Tracks

If you didn’t install your garage door properly, you will most often face this issue. Because improperly fastened tracks to the wall can create problems. Therefore, make sure that tracks are tightly and firmly fastened to the garage walls.

Dirty Tracks

Dirt and dust can get into the door track and can jam the rollers. Therefore, it’s good to keep the tracks clean and free from dust. For this issue, you can use a strong detergent and scrub brush. After cleaning the tracks, don’t forget to re-lubricate the tracks.

Wrapping Up

Repairing a garage door is not a big deal if you follow proper instructions. Meanwhile, you should also follow all security measures when doing any type of repairing job. Regular maintenance of the garage door will keep it in good condition.

Make a wise decision when installing a new garage door. If you try to save a few bucks by hiring an inexperienced technician, you will risk this issue happening again. Therefore, spend the extra money to hire a professional San Antonio garage door repair company for issues like this. They will provide you with quality work to give you that peace of mind that your home will be protected by a garage door that works properly.



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