Should I Repair My Garage Door or Replace It?

Should I Repair My Garage Door or Replace It

One of the most common questions we get from homeowners is whether they should repair or replace their garage door. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, and it’s important that you know what those are before making a decision. In this article, we will discuss some considerations that should go into your decision, as well as provide some tips for getting your garage door repaired if you decide to do so!

Do I Repair or Replace My Garage Door?

One of the first things that should go into your decision is whether it’s actually worth repairing. If replacing your garage door will cost less than half as much, then it may be more worthwhile for you to simply install a new one instead. On average, homeowners spend between $1500 and $2000 on their brand-new doors, which can seem like quite an investment at first glance. However, considering how long they last (most modern models are expected to keep working well past twenty years), this makes them much cheaper in comparison over time! Plus replacement options today offer increased energy savings too – another factor that should weigh heavily on any homeowner’s decision.

As mentioned, if you should choose to replace your garage door (and the model you’re looking for is one of our bestsellers), then prepare yourselves for an investment that should last over twenty years! A new door will provide increased energy savings and security features, while also boosting curb appeal too – making it a worthwhile expense in almost any situation. Let us dig more factors to help you decide whether you need to repair or replace your garage doors.

Common Garage Door Problems That Can Be Repaired

Here are a list of common garage door problems that can be repaired:

1. Your Garage Door has Bent Tracks

This should only happen when the garage is hit by a car or another object. If it isn’t, you should look into having your springs and rollers replaced.

2. Your Door has Broken Cables

These should always be immediately fixed, because they are critical to operating your garage door properly. They should never break on their own without something else happening first (like an object hitting them). You should also have someone inspect all of the hardware for wear and tear, and replace anything that looks worn down in order to prevent future failure/damage.

3. Your Garage Door Panels are Damaged

Minor dents in metal doors aren’t too big of a deal, but major damage on panels needs immediate attention before there’s further structural damage.

4. The Door Suddenly Stops Working

When your garage door stops working unpredictably, it could be a sign that the garage door opener needs to be fixed. Most of the time, this issue can just be handled through repairs, but sometimes it’s a sign that you should replace your opener as well.

In order to determine whether or not you should repair your garage door, there are some things you should inspect first:

  • Are the tracks twisted? If they’re bent from years of wear and tear, this can cause serious damage to the rollers if left untreated.
  • Do any of the cables look worn down/frayed? Like with anything else in life, frayed wires aren’t good for much anymore, so replacing them is always an option.
  • Is one of the springs damaged beyond use (which usually happens when something falls on top of it)? Again, these tend to be replaced together with their corresponding hardware, because repairing just one isn’t always the best idea.
  • Is there any rust on your garage door or its hardware? If so, this should be addressed immediately, because it can cause structural damage in the long run.

5. Your Garage Door Seems Heavy

When your garage door seems heavy , should you repair it or replace it? This is one of the harder questions to answer, because there are multiple variables that should be taken into consideration. Most of the time, a heavy garage door can just be repaired since it’s not broken or malfunctioning. However, if you should need to replace the track for it because of wear and tear, then that should be done with a new garage door installation.

The decision on whether to repair or replace your garage door should mostly depend on its age and condition. If there is no visible damage (dents/holes), but just general signs of aging like rust or faded paint , then repairing should probably be fine in most cases. But when these are accompanied by other problems, such as parts needing replacement, then replacing becomes necessary to maintain optimal performance levels over time.

As always, homeowners should consult their local service providers before making any decisions regarding their residential properties’ needs!

6. Your Garage Door is Sagging

Sagging garage doors can ultimately be repaired, but should be fixed by a professional, because it requires the door to be raised off its tracks and an additional piece of metal added. Sagging garage doors are commonly caused by dents in the tracks. Over time, as the garage door goes up and down, these metal dings can cause a lot of stress on your roller shafts and other moving parts that should be taking some weight off them instead.

Though it may go without saying: you should never attempt to raise or lower a sagging garage door yourself! That should only ever be done by an experienced professional who is willing to take responsibility for his work, because there’s no telling what could happen if someone inexperienced tries to do something like this alone.

Reasons to Replace a Garage Door

Now if minor problems can be taken care of through repairs, here are some issues that should definitely lead you to consider replacing your garage door.

1. Your Garage Door Has Been Malfunctioning for a While

When your garage door has been experiencing frequent issues, it’s a good idea to replace your garage door. This can be a sign that it’s damaged beyond repair.

2. Your Garage Door is in Constant Need of Maintenance or Repair

When something goes well beyond normal wear and tear, it’s time for a replacement. The cost of frequent repair or maintenance for your garage doors can be greater than the cost to replace it. If this is the case, it’s worth it to replace it, rather than to constantly undergo repair and maintenance.

3. Your Garage Door is Severely Damaged

If your garage door has been severely damaged by a storm or accident, you should consider replacing it. Severe damage may make the cost of repair greater than that of replacement.

4. Your Garage Door is Getting Old

With aging and normal wear and tear, your garage door should be replaced. The age of your garage is a good indicator as to whether you should repair or replace it. If the old door is getting too old and worn out, this should also signal its need for replacement versus further maintenance costs. Aging can cause issues with your door and should be evaluated.

5. You’ve Had a Break-In

Having a break-in is a major reason to replace your garage door. If someone has attempted or succeeded in breaking into your garage, you should have a professional installation of a new door with the highest quality security features available.

6. Your Door Is Using Too Much Energy

It is also good to consider replacing your garage door if it is using too much energy. This can happen if your door has warped or has other issues that cause the garage to get warmer than should be expected, which wastes money and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

7. Your Door Is Unsafe

If you find your garage door is unsafe , you should consider replacing it. If there are too many repairs to make the door safe, this should be your reason for replacement. You should also replace an unsafe garage door if someone has been injured trying to use that garage, or when children might try accessing the space in the future.

Choosing the Right Repair or Replacement Service For Your Garage Doors

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